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Ruta Lee | Lee worked as a cashier, an usherette, and a candy girl at Grauman's…


A top notch creepy thriller. Bryant Haliday is a ventriloquist named "Vorelli" who has a very bizarre act involving a wooden dummy that can apparently move on it's own. The tension between Vorelli and the dummy named Hugo is amazing and very creepy and well done. William Sylvester is Mark English, an American reporter who suspects something is very wrong about the act. His girlfriend is Marianne Horn played by the beautiful Yvonne Romain. This is a very well made film and it has a great twist ending that really knocked me out when I first saw it. Haliday does a good job as the evil ventriloquist. A must see film for horror fans. Beware Hugo!!

from the Guardian

How Marc Wootton escaped La La Land without getting killed

Spoof geezer actor Gary Garner, played by Marc Wootton, meets his Hollyood mentor, the real Ruta Lee

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Actress Debbie Reynolds talks candidly about her lack of sex drive

Third time not-so-lucky: Her last husband, Richard Hamlett and the actress are pictured next to actress Ruta Lee and Websiter Lowe Jr in 1991


Brothers (L-R): Tommy Rall [Frank], Matt Mattox [Caleb], Russ Tamblyn [Gideon], Howard Keel [Adam], Marc Platt [Daniel], Jeff Richards [Benjamin], Jacques d'Amboise [Ephraim] Brides (L-R): Betty Carr [Sarah], Ruta Kilmonis (later Ruta Lee) [Ruth], Nancy Kilgas [Alice], Jane Powell [Milly], Norma Doggett [Martha], Julie Newmeyer (later Julie Newmar) [Dorcas], Virginia Gibson [Liza]