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Rusty Nail 2 oz. Drambuie® liqueur 1 oz. blended Scotch whisky (try Dewar's® White Label) Ice cubes Tools: swizzle stick or braspoon Glass: rocks Pour ingredients over ice in a glass and stir.


Warming drinks for colds days. A smoked rusty nail. Scotch whiskey smouldering cinnamon and lapsing syrup #sohofarmhouse


Whisky cocktail recipes for Burns Night

Rusty nail, a cocktail for Burns night


Rusty Nail™ - Simple, yet complex and rewarding, The Rusty Nail™ sits alongside the Martini and the Old Fashioned as one of the classics of the cocktail world, but has a sweetness that makes it surprisingly accessible. Its origins in the bars and clubs of 50s New York lends old-school style and sophistication to the drink.