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Russian Tea Recipe

Russian Tea Recipe. Perfect way to spice up the cooler weather! Beautiful gift in a jar as well.

Mom’s Russian Teacakes

Russian Tea Cakes - my mom's famous recipe! Why make them only for Christmas? Make them now! |


Russian Tea (All Natural)


Russian Tea (Hold the Powdered Mix!)

Homemade Russian Tea Recipe made without powdered mixes. Make your childhood favorite with real ingredients. Best served on a snow day while curled up with a book.


Real Citrus Spiced Russian Tea

Made with Real Tea Bags, This Delicious Citrus Spiced Russian Tea Recipe is Easy to Make and a Holiday Treat


Russian Tea

Russian Tea - water, +orange juice, +pineapple juice, +lemon juice, +tea, +cloves, +cinnamon, +sugar

Russian Tea Cakes (Snowballs)

I cannot believe it's taken me until my cookie extravaganza (welcome to day #2!) to make Russian tea cakes, or as I prefer to call them, snowballs. I have been loving these cookies for what seems like all of my life.


Russian Tea Cakes

They may make a mess of your fingers, but these melt-in-your-mouth minis are so worth it. This standby recipe has more than 22,000 shares on Pinterest and Facebook, and Betty members have given it hundreds of five-star ratings.