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Russell Brown Recipes

Gluten-free soda bread

Whipped up in less than an hour, Russell Brown's gluten-free bread recipe is ideal for a midweek dinner. Eggs are not traditionally used in soda bread recipes, but Russell has found that they help to bind the dough together. If you don't have a steam oven, follow the cooking method provided in step 7 and beyond. For more gluten free recipes, visit our collection.

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White chocolate and lemon roulade

Chef Russell Brown’s dreamy roulade recipe is both light and indulgent, thanks to the lemon curd and white chocolate mousse filling

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Baby leeks with truffle butter sauce and a garlic and herb crumb

Russell Brown’s stunning vegetarian starter recipe is simple to prepare but, thanks to a few sophisticated techniques and ingredients, will taste like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen. Cooking the leeks sous vide results in a wonderful, tender texture which contrasts perfectly with the crisp crunch of the garlic crumb, with the creamy truffle sauce adding an extra touch of luxury. If possible, prepare the vegetable stock a day in advance to give it plenty of time to infuse.

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Spiced lamb and apricot filo pie

Russell Brown's Moroccan-themed pie uses crisp filo pastry to encase a spiced lamb filling. The flavours of cumin, sumac and cinnamon, as well as the sweet apricots, are reminiscent of traditional tagines and Middle Eastern stews.

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Sea bass and tiger prawn panzanella-style salad with chilli dressing

Russell Brown pairs this classic Tuscan salad with beautifully pan-fried sea bass and plump tiger prawns

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