Los primeros kilómetros son horribles. Después de eso siento que podría correr para siempre.

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THE HAPPINESS EFFECT INFOGRAPHICResearch has revealed that walking briskly for around 35 minutes every day 5 times a week or 60 minutes every day 3 times a week clearly impacted mild to moderate depression symptoms. Other research revealed that taking part in 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times per week decreased symptoms of mild to moderate depression approximately 50%.

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The science behind the runner's high: run outside of your comfort zone, e.g. 30mn at 80% of max HR, to release endorphins, anandamide and indirectly dopamine. Reduces pain, promotes calm and well-being.

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Why do I run? For those moments when no one else exists and I feel like I can fly. | Running Quotes

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Running Humor #62: Can you come pick me up? Where am I? Well, I was on a runner's high and I think I'm in Ohio.

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I love checking out the Runner's world website for training ideas, one because irun, two it has these videos that easily explain the exercise. This is a short strengthening circuit. so check it out! and remember just because its Friday doesn't mean that you shouldn't workout...so get it done! NO EXCUSES! =)

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