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The Maze Runner Movie Posters

The Maze Runner (2014) It's so bad that I missed watching this in the cinema, it'd be so much fun when you watch it on the big screen. Anyway I love it so much. If I'm still a girl in my 13-15 years I'd love the books, but as I'm now, I'm not quite interest in reading adventure books anymore, hehe. ★★★★★

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The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials review: 'no trial at all'

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Guys, it's only a few more days until the movie. Please, can we keep it together until then? XD

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Shadowhunters, Harry Potter , Percy Jackson, Maze Runner, Divergent, The hunger games

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I think that that this is the only thing sadder than Newt dying, is that he never actually liked living, so death was a good thing.<<< WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT

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I know they are all fictional characters, and I don't even know who all of them are, but the sentiment rings true.

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