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Rum And Raisin Cake

Rum and Raisin Cake - a Jamaican inspired rum cake that's delicious with custard, ice cream or just all on its own.

from Woman and Home

Rum and Raisin Fudge

Rum and raisin fudge - 3 tbsp rum 100g (4oz) raisins (soaked in the rum for 1 hour) 397g can sweetened condensed milk 100g (4oz) butter 500g (1lb 2oz) light muscovado sugar 30cm/8in sq tin lined with baking parchment or foil

from American Heritage Cooking

Brown Butter Rum Raisin Banana Bread

from Woman and Home

Jamaican Christmas Cake

Christmas cake ~ Jamaicans take Christmas seriously. Very, very seriously. And there is nothing that symbolizes how much preparation and forethought goes into the one day than in the baking of the Christmas Cake. Several pounds of dried mixed fruits, prunes, raisins, cherries are purchased and soaked in rum and red wine months in advance and the grumblings about the high cost of basic food items die down as homemakers set out to buy around 20 different ingredients for one dish.

from Global Table Adventure

Caribbean Black Cake

Caribbean Black Cake ... A dense, dark holiday cake made with rum and cherry brandy soaked fruit ... a great recipe from this blog, "Global Table Adventure".

from Katiecakes

Rum and Raisin Cupcakes

Boozy cupcakes say Christmas to me. Try these rum and raisin cupcakes, busting with spiced rum infused fruit.