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Understanding the Rule of Thirds in Photography

I love this example of the rule of thirds the girl running on the dirt path into the sunset is just beautiful.

from Abduzeedo

Superb Rule-of-Thirds Photography

Rule of Thirds- This photo does a great job of utilizing the rule of thirds. If you were to draw a grid, the subject would be exactly on the intersection of lines crossing. Doug Ghim


10 Top Photography Composition Rules. There are no fixed rules in photography, but there are guidelines which can often help you to enhance the impact of your photos: Rule of Thirds | Balancing Elements | Leading Lines | Symmetry and Patterns | Viewpoint | Background | Depth | Framing | Cropping | Experimentation


this is an example of rule of thirds because the bottle is the main focus and the sky is only 1/3 of the picture The hot spot would be the bottle because its where the two lines intersect

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Photography Tip: Understanding the Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds: Putting the main object in one of the hot spots and having 2/3 sky or land and the other 1/3 the opposite of the first.