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Rudolf Virchow was a 19th century German pathologist and politician known for…

Rudolf Virchow, Fotografie, Brasch, Carl, Virchow, Rudolf, Berlin, nach 1884


Hugo Vogel - Rudolf Virchow / Painting by Vogel (44,0 x 61,0 cm)

Hugo Vogel - Rudolf Virchow / Painting by Vogel

Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (* 13. Oktober 1821 in Schivelbein, Pommern; † 5. September 1902 in Berlin)


Rudolf Virchow on Pathology Education

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Although many experts in gross pathology came before him, Prof. Rudolf Virchow is considered the father of 'cellular pathology'. This caricature is from the Vanity Fair series of 'Men of the Day'