Rubber gloves

Min-ji cho - jewellery from rubber gloves. Just a great way to re-invent both your hoops earrings and...your rubber gloves,

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Hang Your Rubber Gloves. Problem: The insides of your rubber gloves are always damp, and they don't dry well hanging over the side of a bucket or the sink. Solution: Glue clothespins to the inside of your broom closet or door, and clip the gloves by a fingertip to air-dry, open-side down. | Real Simple

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Freeze water in rubber gloves and place in the sensory table. Great for properties of matter unit. from EYFS Nursery ideas

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Cement Hand Planters. Pour casting concrete into rubber gloves, being carefully to remove air bubbles from fingers. Mould into position working fast before concrete sets. When set, peel of rubber gloves revealing your concrete planter.

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