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Captain FC Waterfield attached to the 1st Gordon Highlanders, 7 April, 1898 ; joined the 45th Rattray's Sikhs. 7 April. 1899; promoted Lieut. 22 April. 1900, and Capt. 22 Jan. 1907; took part in the China Expedition, 1900 (medal) ; served on the N.W. Frontier of India, 1908; took part in the operations in the Zakka Khel country, and those in the Mohmand country (medal with clasp) ; was in England on leave when war broke out, and served for three months with the 6th (Service) Battn. Royal…

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Manchester to revive Britain's textile trade with reborn Cottonopolis

A great example of change employment structure. A hundred years ago, many worked in coal mining (primary) or in the cotton mills (manufacturing or secondary). Today, these jobs have largely disappeared to be replaced by jobs in retail, banking and the business sector (tertiary).