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1748 British Midshipman's frock coat at the National Maritime Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "This frock coat of a midshipman is quite similar to the lieutenant's undress frock. However, the sleeves feature a white boot cuff divided by a three-pointed flap of blue wool. This was known as the 'mariner's cuff' and came directly from the occupational dress of sailors." Click the pin to also read some interesting facts about the collar.


Pair of captain's epaulettes belonging to J. Stockham (died 1814). The regulations of 1812 stipulated that captains should now wear two epaulettes with insignia that indicated their rank: the fouled anchor and a crown. The epualettes have 20 large bullions and 17 small ones. On the shoulder pad of each is an embroidered 'S'. Royal Navy uniform regulations 1812-1825

from Mail Online

On display after 200 years: Rare Royal Navy uniform worn by survivor of Battle of Trafalgar (found in a plastic bag in the attic)

Rare: The blue and cream Navy uniform worn by Trafalgar survivor William Hicks is said to be the only one of its kind in existence