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Royal Australian Navy participate in boarding training by Aust Defence Force, via Flickr


HMAS VIDAL (?), Big Swell. 1940. This needs research; the Australian Navy never had a vessel called Vidal. There was a Royal Navy survey ship, HMS Vidal. However, she was not launched until 1951. Still a great picture though.


Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Toowoomba departed Fleet Base West near Perth on 29 March, to join the international search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.Anzac-class frigate has been diverted from other operational tasks to join the search. It will carry a S-70B2 Seahawk helicopter which was flown from the RAN’s Naval Air Station HMAS Albatross by a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17A Globemaster on Friday night.


HMS Cairns - Royal Australian Navy by Konabish ~ Greg Bishop


The largest ship ever built for the Royal Australian Navy, Landing Helicopter Dock NUSHIP Canberra

from Gizmodo

18 High-Tech Warships From the Future That Rule the Seas Today

HMAS Canberra (LHD 02), a.k.a. NUSHIP Canberra, is the first of two Canberra class landing helicopter dock (LHD) ships constructed for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). After commissioning, this Amphibious Assault Ship will be the largest vessel ever operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).


Royal Australian Navy Canberra Class LHD Cutaway #RoyalAustralianNavy #CanberraClass #LHD

Royal Australian Navy Anzac-class frigate HMAS Perth (FFH 157)


Anzac is the third Royal Australian Navy ship to carry the name of legend, named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps of WWI. HMAS Anzac is the first of her class and a modern warship, capable of operating in a multi-threat environment. Anzac's design is based on the German Meko 200 Class that uses modular construction methods. A feature of this method was the ability to share the construction of the 8 Australian and 2 New Zealand vessels throughout Australia and New Zealand.