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Router Jig for making round boxes - by Julian @ ~ woodworking community:


An Introduction To The Woodworking Router

One of the most versatile power tool in a woodshed, get a lowdown on the woodworking router. Learn about important features before buying a router.

Router fence hack - Once the fixed fence is clamped in place, the microadjuster dials in the precise fence location. This is especially handy for making multiple passes at increasing depths, should you own a small-motored router or need to hog away large amounts of material.


Using t track curtain rail is a good idea for improving my router template...


This simple jig allows safe and effective edging or edge cleanup on all your circle cuts. You can also use it as the last stage in circle cutting starting with a router cut to a 1/4 " depth then a rough jigsaw cut then this cleanup jig.