Rounding Whole Numbers I have ... who has Game is a WINNER! 54 cards (27 color and 27 black and white). The purpose of the game is to practice rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten,hundred and thousand. How the Loopy Games work: Shuffle the cards, then deal out the cards to the group, (it does not matter if not all students have exactly the same number of cards).

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Rounding Whole Numbers Task Cards: 3rd Grade This FREE set of 24 Rounding Whole Numbers task cards will help your students practice some important 3rd grade math skills. This resource is Common Core aligned but will work well in any classroom (the cards have no CCSS notation).Heres what it includes:24 Task CardsA Recording SheetAn Answer KeyA Self-Checking Answer SheetTeacher NotesI really love task cards and have found them to be a valuable tool in my classroom. They are great for so many…

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Get them up out of their seats! This fun scavenger hunt supports the following 4th grade Texas math standard:4.2D (Round whole numbers to a given place value through the hundred thousands place.)Includes 10 cards that are to be copies and posted around the classroom.

Rounding Decimals Sort! Great game to practice rounding decimals to the nearest whole, nearest tenth, and nearest hundredth. Includes 12 different versions! 5.NBT.A.4

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ROUNDING ROUND UP focuses on rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, a third grade standard under the Number & Operations In Base Ten strand. Included in this resource are:4 Rounding Anchor Charts16 Task CardsRecording SheetExit Tickets (4 versions)AssessmentAnswer KeysAnchor Charts: Provide visual support and explantation of how to round to the nearest 10 and 100.Task Cards: Students will round whole numbers and identify which numbers round to a target number (For example, what...

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