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21st century rostrum camera stand - I would like to get one of these rostrum camera stands. They hand on the wall and you place your iphone camera on top. How clever.

You can use the Rostrum Camera stand with laptop as remote and then see immediately on computer.

Rostrum Camera Stand for Remote Overhead Photos and video using smartphones, tablets and all cameras - Great Early Bird Offers on Kickstarter!


Rostrum Camera Stand infographic for Remote Overhead Photos and Video by Lex McColl — Kickstarter


MODAHAUS Rostrum Camera Stand - ModahausModahaus

Rostrum Camera Stand per iPhone ed Android -

Animated embroidery! Every part of this heavy metal video has been embroidered into denim. It must have taken forever!

from // Simon Tickner

iPhone rostrum camera

iPhone rostrum camera - DIY with corrugated cardboard. Can't afford the real thing? Well why don't you try making one out of cardboard! #diyrostrum #animationstand


Rostrum Camera LIGHT Software. Create streaming video from still images using a joystick as motion control device. André Balzer (idc-Balzer) 1995