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You should read "My love//Ross Lynch" on #Wattpad. #fanfiction

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OMG I AM FANGIRLING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!! I don't know if it's awesome or creepy that Ross Lynch is probably the most of all the hot guy's out there that I pin the most on this board!!!

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It's Official: Ross Lynch Is the Next Zac Efron

Gear up for the premiere of Teen Beach Movie with a candid interview from its star Ross Lynch

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Ross Lynch

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ross lynch --- singing

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Whenever shawn helps out it makes me melt

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He looks so hot !!!

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I just realized I do random stuff like that all the time. Me and ross have so much in common. It is rossome!!!

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R5 Pinball

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Music is the only thing that will always make sense to me-Ross Lynch<3 he looks so hot in this pic!

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Ok I know I feel like a rapist but ever since I got sucked into watching teen beach movie I've been liking Ross Lynch more and more. He is such a cutie...NOT HOT! But yes he's cute. Damn Disney channel

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That's true even though every girl thinks your perfect anyway

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Ross Lynch from Disney Channel............. my eyes..............

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#Rossome... Re pin this with the Hashtag if Ross rocks YOUR world! ❤️

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ross lynch. my favoriteeee. Eeeeek he's SO cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY PINCH ME!!!!!!

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