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Could so a spin off this right after ceremony since you aren't leaving the area at the end of the wedding. Still get the photo opp but don't have to wait till the end to do it.

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How to make Magnesium Rose Natural Detox Bath Salts

Learn how to make Magnesium Rose Natural Detox Bath Salts to aise your magnesium levels for better sleep, de-stressing, migraine prevention and more!

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Beauty and the Beast Rose, Enchanted Rose, Bright Pink rose in a glass dome, Glow in the dark, Holiday Sale!. Gorgeous Bright Pink Rose in a Glass dome. Handcrafted from polymer Clay, these amazing Fairy Tale Roses glow in the dark. The roses are individually created, from the color to each petal, the stem and each leaf. Every faux pebble and the dirt they rest in, all created by hand. Each rose is unique, an individual creation. A wonderful and unique idea for Mothers Day, Valentine's…

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I am thinking a goats milk rose petal soap poured in a big form so that it is thin and cut into heart shapes an add cord** good for valentines day or mothers day gifts or sale

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Final sale***elf makeup 💄all for one pricenwt

**FINAL SALE***ELF MAKEUP 💄ALL FOR ONE PRICE A brand of quality and economic brand. One pressed podwer(almond) color is not dark, more like beige!! 2 lip shine (1clear, 1 beet pink and rose)!! One pack of 9 mascara wands!! 2 lotions wipes to hydrate, 1 scent peony petal and 1 sweet mango. Everything is brand new, you can buy all for $11 ELF Makeup Face Powder

Pretty in pink...

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Must keep an eye out for old tins at carboot sales and charity shops. Should have kept all those I used to have. Note to myself: don't throw anything out.

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