Bildarchiv Rosa "Winter Sun" - reminds me of my mom who loved roses and grew the best rose garden with lots of hard work and love.

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Nature in... Blue | Blau | Bleu | Azul | Blå | Azul | 蓝色 | Color | Form | Texture |

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Rosenblätter aus Blütenpaste - Rose leaves from gumpaste by Floralilie

Rosenblätter aus Blütenpaste - Rose leaves from gumpaste by Floralilie

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How we feel when we learn that we can live forever and that Earth will not be destroyed. Man's domination over man has been to his injury. His time is up and shortly Jehovah will take over rulership of this earth again. Jesus will bring to ruin the ruiners of this earth and rescue those who are sighing and crying over the detestable things happening. John 17:3; Rev. 11:18; 1 John 5:19; Rev. 14:1,6; Rev. 19:11-18

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Apple green it's not. But imagine a keylime cream color that lights up any landscape with oodles of luminous blooms. Although Irish in origin, she struts her stuff under Northern lights or in our steamy South. Dark glossy green leaves set off the creamy pastel flowers and pointed buds. Great in mass plantings, mixed into borders or abides perfectly well all alone.

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Floral thigh hip tattoo. Summer floral tattoo. Sunflower tattoo. Roses tattoo. Kowhai leaves tattoo. Feminine tattoo.

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