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Rose Hair Tarantula, Grammostola rosea (Araneae - Theraphosidae), native to Northern Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. It is a medium sized tarantula with up to 15 cm in leg span, which gets its name from the red/pink hairs covering a fairly dully colored body. Several color forms exist, which were originally thought to be different species,...

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The Chilean Rose Tarantula, also known as the Rose Hair Tarantula, the Chilean fire Tarantula or the Chilean Red-Haired Tarantula, is probably the most common species of Tarantula available in American and European pet stores today, due to the large number of wild-caught specimens exported cheaply from their Native Chile into the pet trade. The species is also known from Bolivia and Argentina.

What a Beauty. I would love to own a Chilean rose but this one may be one of the wild ones.

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Had a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula named "Zen" for just over three years. She was a beauty and without a doubt one of the largest rose hairs I'd ever seen...

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