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THE SILVER WHIP (1953) - Dale Robertson - Rory Calhoun (pictured) - Robert Wagner - 20th Century-Fox - Publicity Still.

Here's one many of you should recall, Rory Calhoun - this is a pub still from his TV show for CBS The Texan - it was on 1958-1960. He had been in a ton of western films in the 50s so this was no stretch for me to see him in this show. He was in a lot of TV shows as a guest in the 60s-70s esp and had one more brief TV series called The Capitol. ('82--86). - He was quite the Hollywood cad in his days.

Rory Calhoun & Gilbert Roland in the RKO western The Treasure of Pancho Villa


Marilyn in the movie 'River of No Return', with Robert Mitchum, the hero, Rory Calhoun the cad and Tommy Rettig from Lassie.


At the time Rory Calhoun was still considered a bankable star, but the real star of the movie is Mike Hackworth and his portrayal of the character, Rufus J. Pickle. Description from I searched for this on

THE SPOILERS (1955) - Anne Baxter - Jeff Chandler - Rory Calhoun - Directed by Jesse Hibbs - Universal-International Pictures - French Movie Poster.

Four guns to the border (1954)