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Des Moines Iowa Roosevelt High School 1942 Yearbook, Vintage Annual with Period Photos

Marksmanship training for high schoolers at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, CA as apart of Victory Corps, 1942

Roosevelt High School Rough Riders... (Johnstown, CO)

Communism v. Capitalism Worksheet In February 2012, Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa received criticism for a class assignment on the Cold War. Based on a worksheet handed out in a social studies class, many questioned whether the lesson promoted communism over capitalism, calling it "communist indoctrination."

Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School in 1967


Grace Blouin has always been a scholar, whether it was many of the post graduation certificates she received or her scholastic career. She has always risen above most others. Grace Blouin is a graduate of Roosevelt High School in Portland Oregon, where she received highest honors as the class Valedictorian.


Eleanor Roosevelt High School students Christian Esplana, 11th grade, and Joelle Carreon, 10th grade, were recently encouraged to take AP courses.