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from CollegeHumor

The Official Roommate Scorecard

this is a great frame of reference More

This is a REALISTIC apartment cleaning schedule…nobody has time to vacuum/sweep/clean shower every day…these are things that can realistically be done in an apartment and organized between you and your roommates on a busy schedule!

from Trulia's Blog

4 Rules To Establish with Your Roommate Before Moving In

Build a relationship of mutual respect and communication to minimize frictions.

from Lauren Conrad

Ladylike Laws: The Roommate Rules

Great way to tell your roomie what's up without causing a fight! Roomate Citation slip!

Template For Roommate Rules - Invitation Templates - roommate contract agreement form

from Dani Dearest

Douchebag Jar: Using it for Rule Enforcing

Cute idea of using the Douchebag jar from #NewGirl for roommate and household rule enforcing! #money #roommate #college


Pinteresting: Golden Rules for Living Im seriously going to print this out for my room and future dorm or apartment or hosue.. Not kidding.

from BuzzFeed

17 Roommate Commandments To Abide By

Tips for how to be a good roommate!

from Etsy

Roommate Rules Wood Sign - Dorm Room, Apartment, House, New Apartment

Love this sign for anyone in college or sharing a place of living! The plaque is 10 x 8. It comes ready to hang on your wall or can be placed

Templeton Properties | Infographic - Living With a Roommate