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Photo Ronald Reagan; 11 x 14 Print w/ Quote; US President; Republican; American

The Reagan family at their house in Pacific Palisades, California. From left to right: Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, Maureen Reagan, Ron Reagan and dog "Pogo." 1976. 40th #President of the United States 42nd #FirstLady.

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Amen!! I'm sooo tired of hearing people whine about how it's the fault of someone else when they screwed up! Nobody I know had a perfect childhood! Get over it crybaby!!

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The death of my favorite president, Ronald Reagan. I was there, the procession, the church... Poor Nancy :( the epitome of grace under fire

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The 2003 California gubernatorial recall election was a special election permitted under California state law. It resulted in voters replacing incumbent Democratic Governor Gray Davis with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. The recall effort spanned the latter half of 2003. Other California governors, including Pat Brown, Ronald Reagan, Jerry Brown, and Pete Wilson, had faced recall attempts, but these attempts were unsuccessful.

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