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Linus Wordemann~ If me and Hux had a boy together, this is probably what he'd look like grown up #personalheadcanon #son #generalhux

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Each freckle comes from the kiss of an angel, and he longed for new ones to appear on his skin from the lips of his lover.

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Mend me into a cup, so when you get too drunk, you will think of me, or mend me into a ring, or some sort of jewelry, so I can hold some sort of diamond within me. People won’t notice me, but will see I possess something with beauty. Make me into buckles for the shoes on your feet, so when you run away from this broken down street, you can take me with you when you chase your dream. Make me into a music box so when I am opened, People can feel enlightened. -Run Wild, Young Beauty. //

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He would lay there and recount every single one, if given the time. But such a thing was never an option for souls like them.

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