gypsy caravan...this would be a great design in an rv...I wonder if those glass doors hide a clothes closet...that would be awesome!

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I wanted my grandfather to build me a gypsy caravan and set it up on the edge of the woods, near the stream, looking out over the pasture. I pictured something like this. I can still picture just how I wanted the interior decorated. Wouldn't it've made a beautiful play house for a little girl?

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Harem pants are loose-fitting trousers with elastic ankles and a wide elastic waist. This style is 2-in-1, and can be pulled up to chest level and

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Yves Leresche photographe suisse lausanne - photo reportage - Gypsies . Rroms . Rroma . Tsiganes . Tziganes

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Roma gypsy girl, Romania. The Roma are a truly fascinating people, with a long history and an uncertain future. / #MIZUworld

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