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Don't say that! I'm not going anywhere. Just because I don't sit with you one time doesn't mean I'm leaving. I'm staying as long as you need me. Which probably won't be very long

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20 Olympic Crafts and Recipes Your Kids Will Love

How to make Laurel Crowns - I think this is a great craft idea for younger kids when studying Roman history.

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"I wear black on the outside 'cause black is how I feel on the inside. And if that seems a little strange...well that's because I am." Unlovable - The Smiths

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This cover looks very old, and crumpled, I really like the effect this gives. I also like how her hair is the same shade as the sky in the background.

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I'm okay now (I'm okay now) but you really need to listen to me because I'm telling you the truth, I mean this, I'm okay (Trust me)

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My sempai made a RWBY 2048 out of GIFs using this website!

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Music Theory for Songwriters - Home It has a chord map using Roman Numerals that shows every possible chord for Major scales and what chords they move toward. Very useful for someone that's trying to find some inspiration to spice up a song.

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