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Roman Outfit 1st cent, Ancient Rome - Roman clothing - Roman Outfit 1st cent, Full Roman outfit (0 -100 d.c), square Tunica cum clavi (stripes), band ventralis (waistband), braccae (trousers) just-under-the-knee length,

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I never would have guessed that 2006's "300" would inspire me, but the queen's costume struck a chord; could replace linen with velvet and maintain texture, convert neckline from asymmetrical to square.

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New SURA (A) Gorean Kajira Spartacus Inspired Roman Slave Girl Baked Clay/Light Terracotta Ragged Top/Skirt Sizes 6-18 Free UK P/P

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George and Patti Harrison - check out her gladiator sandals - 1968 Something - Beatles Layla - Eric Clapton

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Spartacus a Roman upper class orange and purple chiffon gown with brass bead highlights

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Le style antique : toujours dans le Top 3 des meilleures inspirations de costume

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Adult #greek goddess costume #ladies #grecian roman toga fancy dress outfit new, View more on the LINK:

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Lamé dress black and gold, gray sleeves and gold lamé, gold bracelet cuffs. Bodice trimmed with gold skin scales. Draped in burgundy velvet coat lined with silk and chiffon purple. Applications of gold and bronze skin c. 1961 The Ornamented Being - Page 5 of 345

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