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Mosaics of Roman Britain: Venus. Bignor Roman Villa, Sussex. This mosaic, recognised as one of the finest in Britain, is usually identified as Venus, although it may have been the head of a mere mortal, perhaps based on the lady of the house. The image is flanked by long-tailed birds and winged cupids dressed as gladiators.


G. KELLY pie and mash shop front ca. 1940 - George Kelly opened the shop in 1937. By the mid 1950’s the shop had been bought by George’s brother in-law, Bill Kingdon. Bill’s daughter, Sue, owns the shop today.


The Roman Senate made the laws and governed the Roman people. The Senate was made up of patricians,.- ANNEE 55 av JC: Germains et Bretons, 1) Campagne contre USIPELES et TENCTERES, 10: Selon Appien, qui s'appuie sur l'historien Canusius Germinus du 1°s av JC, CATON, l'implacable ennemi de César et grand ami de son co-consul de 59 av JC, MARCUS CALPURNIUS BIBULUS, propose au Sénat "de livrer aux Barbares César comme l’auteur d'un acte exécrable aux yeux des députés".


Maxentius was from an important imperial family at a time when the Roman empire was ruled by four emperors, called Tetrarchs. Maxentius was the son of the Tetrarch Maximian, married to the Tetrarch Galerius’ daughter Valeria Maximilia, and brother to Fausta, the wife of Constantine. However, when imperial positions in the Tetrarchy opened and the young and brash Maxentius was overlooked, he decided to follow in his brother-in-law Constantine’s footsteps and seize imperial power himself.

This is a mosaic portrait of Justinian. It was constructed around 550 AD. I found this at

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