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This is a story from Biblical Archeology Review about the Roman practice of crucifixion. It's a bit different than what we generally think it was. As terrible as we view it, it was far worse.


Religious imagery in everyday objects

He watches us and takes care of us! Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in…


Know the truth. Sunday worship churches and the Roman Catholic Churches are false doctrine and filled with paganism.


“Simon, builder of the Temple.” The inscription on this ossuary found in the same Jewish tomb with the ossuary of Yehohanan tells posterity the part Simon played in history. Eight ossuaries containing the bones of 17 members of Simon and Yehohanan’s family were found in this tomb. Since not all families could afford limestone ossuaries for secondary burials, we know that this was a family of some wealth.


Roman Crucifixion Nail

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