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what i like most about this piece that i would like to incorporate into my own boss concept is the impression he presents of himself by the way he stands and his look. Just by looking at the character you know he is someone of power and not to be taken lightly. this is something i wish to project onto my own characters.


Free downloadable Roman centurion paper helmet craft. Color an image of a centurion’s helmet. Cut out the pieces and assemble. While visiting the city of Capernaum, Jesus receives a message from a centurion that his servant is sick. While en route, our Lord receives another message from the centurion that is recited at each and every Mass.

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The Eagle (2011)

"L'aigle de la neuvième légion"/"The Eagle" (2011). Channing Tatum (Marcus Flavius Aquila). A la recherche de l’illustrissime IXème légion anéantie par les Pictes à l'est de l'actuelle Ecosse. L’histoire de ce péplum suit le film Centurion. En vérité, les historiens ne s’accordent pas sur la façon et le lieu où cette légion a disparu.