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'Rogue planet' spotted 100 light-years away

Astronomers have spotted a "rogue planet" - wandering the cosmos without a star to orbit - 100 light-years away. (via BBC News; image via ESO)

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Infographic on Planet Nine - potential rogue planet captured by our solar system.

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In this artist's conception, a rogue planet drifts through space. Credit: Christine Pulliam (CfA)

Some stars capture rogue planets

Abandoned mining gear. This scene belongs in the next Rogue Planet book. #hiphop #beats updated daily =>

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A Guide to Lonely Planets in the Galaxy

Rogue planets can form without a parent star

Tiny, round, cold clouds in space have all the right characteristics to form planets with no parent star. New observations, made with Chalmers University of Technology telescopes, show that not all free-floating planets were thrown out of existing...

Cosmic Record-Rogue Planet Finds Home in Biggest Solar System Ever Seen: Giant Alien Planet Takes 900,000 Years to Orbit Its Star