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Roger Sherman United States Senator from Connecticut signer of the United States Declaration of Independence

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Roger Sherman, Signer of the Articles of Association, Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U. S. Constitution

Roger Sherman Born April 19, 1721 Signed all four of the early documents of the Union. Fascinating life of one of our Founding Fathers.

9 Surprising Facts About the Declaration of Independence

The Committee of Five–Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Robert Livingston

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Notable Signers of the Declaration of Independence: Connecticut - Roger Sherman I remember doing a report on him in 3rd grade

JULY 16, 1787: The Connnecticut Compromise, drafted by CT delegates Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth, was presented to the Constitutional Convention. The Compromise, which provided for equal representation of states in the Senate and proportional representation in the House, passed the convention by one vote. image: Constitutional Convention of 1787

Roger Sherman was a self-made American politician, a Connecticut delegate to the second Continental Congress, and the only man to sign all four of the great American documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Association, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution. Read more at!

Roger Sherman, Originator of the Great Compromise that balanced the interests of the large & small states.

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At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Connecticut delegates Roger Sherman of New Haven and Oliver Ellsworth of Windsor crafted t...

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