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Rockingham Park

Penguin Island, Perth, Australia. Sat in the dark with my family one night and had these little fellas waddle around our feet. Their calls filled the night. Even had them waddling up the street on their way to wherever.


Simplicity & Integrity :: the Victorian Terrace of an architectural duo

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In one of my earliest memories, I am about five years old and watching from the grandstand side of the fence at the old indoor Rockingham Park paddock while my father, Paul, serious and intense, …

The Supervet Summer Specials coming up in August, I think. :D


Rockingham Park Parking Lot II


This week's blog: Dance with the one that brought you. Most companies are successful because of a specific product line or service that their customers need and enjoy. But then companies want to be bigger better and more profitable. This is fine as long as they stick to what they do well and which enabled them to be successful in the first place. As an example in a former life I was a racehorse trainer. One of my favorite tracks growing up was Rockingham Park located in southern New…

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Photo Blog: Rockingham Park

Rockingham Park in New Hampshire. No horse races have been held since 2009; it is due to be demolished after 110 years of existence. Here the stall of a horse named Ate A Gator who raced at Rockingham in 2001.

News of Rockingham Park's closing evokes vivid memories for former workers | New…

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