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Rockefeller University Claims Their New Research Shows Zika Goes to your BRAIN…

John D. Rockefeller -Richest Manon earth -philanthropist-created foundations that had a major effect on medicine, education and scientific research- His foundations pioneered the development of medical research and were instrumental in the eradication of hookworm and yellow fever.- founder of University of Chicago and Rockefeller University

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Late Nobel medicine laureate Ralph Steinman keeps award

Dendritic cell


Holiday Lectures on Science: Bacteria's Deadly Design. Rockefeller University's C. Erec Stebbins studies the methods by which bacteria target and infect their hosts. In his Laboratory of Structural Microbiology, Dr. Stebbins and his lab members use techniques from biochemistry, microbial cell biology and x-ray crystallography to uncover the molecular architecture that enables bacteria to spread disease.


The Science Outreach Program at The Rockefeller University hosted its first Learning at the Bench (LAB) event with the WIB-Metro New York Young Women In Bio group.

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Metabolism to Blame for Resistance to Antidepressants: Study

For many patients of depression who do not respond to conventional methods of treatment, the reason could lie in their metabolism, says a recent study. The researchers from the Rockefeller University in New York and the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden observed that depression is often marked by abnormalities in the body, such as elevated blood sugar level. Thus, depression and metabolism are intrinsically entwined, the researchers said.