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I love these two, but of course Lee most of all. They're just way too in-sync. (Which really helped them survive in one of those filler eps that was pretty decent: "Hot Blooded Confrontation").

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Naruto Shippuden ROCK LEE poster portrait anime Official Japan


Team Gai - they are the most weirdest and funniest team and that's what makes them so wonderful.


Amongst the cherry blossoms. I don't ship Lee with Sakura, but his crush on her was pretty adorable. I also really like how he's drawn in this. - Caitlin


DAY 7: Who would I want as a workout partner: WELL DUH!!! If I ever decided to work out (yeah like thats ever gonna happen) then I need to be with the best of the best, Geniuses at hard work, giving it there all no matter the odds ( even when drunk) and that description matches perfectly with this SPLENDID NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)