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Richard Armitage as Guy in Robin Hood (BBC) --- the kind of character that makes us hate the good guys and sympathize with the villains <3

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I always get excited whenever he says this. I know it's gonna be good! | Old-Fashioned Charm: Robin Hood (BBC TV Series)

pin 4'd think the bad guys would learn that Robin Hood is immune to actual death...near death experiences, no; but death, yes. XD

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Maid Marian as the Night Watchman. BBC Robin Hood. Love how powerfully she is depicted in this series, though she gets really foolish towards the end...

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Robin Hood, by Christopher Rawlins | Book Illustrator | Military / Historical Artist

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This, BBC, this is where you made one of your worst mistakes in a drama. You killed Marian. Which made everything feel angsty and pointless. Are you happy with yourselves?

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BBC'S "Robin Hood," one of the first shots from episode one and one of the last shots of the finale. *sniffs.*

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