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The Natural (1984)

The Natural - Our son gets this movie out every spring to get ready for baseball season (at that time he played ball for high school)

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Revealed: American captured in Iran 7 years ago was a CIA spy

Turns out American "tourist" Robert Levinson kidnapped while vacationing in Iran back in 2007 was a retired FBI agent working for the CIA. The citizen chose to "vacation" in a country the USA was invading ... and top CIA brass claimed they didn't know that Levinson was on a secret mission.

Family of American Held In Iran: He Spied for CIA

After years of secrecy, the family of the former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran seven years ago, Robert Levinson, acknowledged today he was working as a "spy" for a rogue CIA operation and accused the CIA, FBI and the Obama administration of "betraying" him by not doing enough to gain his release. "The CIA sent Bob Levinson to Iran to do an investigation on its behalf," said David McGee, a family lawyer and spokesperson deeply involved in efforts to get Levinson released.

PBS 'Downton Abbey' preps return for second season

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Family of ex-FBI agent believed held by Iran lashes out at White House

Family of ex-FBI agent believed held by Iran lashes out at White House | Fox News

Time Inc. Will Lay Off 700 After 5% Ad Decline

Time Inc. Will Lay Off 700 After Ad Decline....way to go dumocrats, change you can believe in, but you were warned.....

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Levinson, Iran, the CIA, and lies

The Real Slim Shady? Levinson, Iran, the CIA, and lies. The US government has been lying for years about Robert Levinson, a man kidnapped in Iran after being sent...

FBI creates Facebook page in Farsi for case of missing former agent Robert Levinson #Cronaca #iNewsPhoto

Document: Iran held Robert Levinson in 2011, wanted U.S. to delay IAEA report for his release

The White House Has Been Lying About That Ex-FBI Agent Missing in Iran for Seven Years, Bombshell AP Report Says12/13...more>

American missing in Iran since 2007 was working for the CIA

American missing in Iran since 2007 was working for the CIA | World news |

Sleepers 1996 (Full Movie English) Barry Levinson, Robert De Niro, Kevin...

Obama “Pleas” For Return of Missing ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson from Iran – No Mention Of Pastor Saeed Abedini

Reconciliation Day in South Africa marked with unveiling of giant statue of Nelson Mandela

Iran asks US to explain mission of missing American Robert Levinson

SlantRight 2.0: A Robert Levinson - Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari Conspiracy Theory? -It is interesting that retired FBI agent Robert Levinson was not a part of this deal. Of the people with an Iranian get out of jail card. He is probably the only person that actually may have been a CIA spy. Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari is a mystery dual American-Iranian citizen that was a part of the USA-Iran prisoner swap. Are Levinson & Nosratollah the same person?

Last man to see Robert Levinson before he vanished denies involvement in disappearance -