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Robby the robot from the '50's classic, Forbidden Planet.


Robby the Robot - Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet (1956)

Robby the Robot and Anne Francis. Forbidden Planet. #film #movies #scifi Great Helen Rose Costumes!

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Robby The Robot

First appearing in the film, Forbidden Planet from 1956, Robby or Robbie went on to star many films and tv shows. I remember him most from the old tv show Lost in Space. "Danger, Will Robinson!"


Far left: Robot, c.1950 The first robot is thought to have been produced in the 1940s. By the 1950s a variety robots were being made, most with human qualities and bright colours. Centre: Robot, c.1960 Tin robots were made in Japan for the American toy market. They are all made from lithographed tin plate. These toys are considered to be from the 'golden age' of space toys. Far right: Robby the Robot, c.1956 Robby the Robot is an iconic figure in the genre of science fiction. Like...

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The Strange and Wonderful History of Diving Suits, From 1715 to Today

Anne Francis y probablemente la primera minifalda en el mundo. Con Robbie the Robot, por su puesto. Dirigida por Fred M. Wilcox Escrita por Cyril Hume (guión), Irving Block y Allen Adler (Basada en su historia) y William Shakespeare (basada en su obra “La tempestad”)

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Holy Gort! Hollywood Robots Invade Pittsburgh

Robby le Robot. Planète interdite. 1956

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Forbidden Planet - Classic Sci Fi Movie Poster Print - 13”x19” or 24”x36” - Home Theater Media Room decor - 50s kitsch - Robby the Robot

Forbidden Planet - Classic Sci Fi Movie Poster Print 13x19 - Vintage Movie Poster - 50s kitsch - Robby the Robot. $19.50, via Etsy.