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Daily #Stock Market Update: Equities Advance on Risk-Taking – Mar 2, 2016 #investing #trading


let the children play: outdoor learning environment


Investment and Trading: Dollar starts week on the back foot, risk aversion...

Talking Points: Years of deflating volatility measures and lower market-based rates has pushed investors to greater risks Trading in risk-oriented ETFs have grown tremendously with some of the riskiest far outpacing the stalwarts The true risk in a market deleveraging scenario is trouble when liquidity dries up on the way out Read the full article here: #news #SP500 #SPDR500 @JohnKicklighter

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Belonging Vol2 No 1

Risk assessment not risk aversion, page 16. Belonging: Early Years Journal


Daily Stocks Update: Risk On in US and Asia, Europe Down After #ECB

The Culture Change Iceberg Model - By developing specific innovation-focused behaviors – behaviors targeted at addressing the “below the surface” roots of culture – it becomes possible to shift an organizational culture away from risk aversion and toward risk taking, away from insular thinking and toward external exploration, and away from a “not invented here” attitude and toward one of “open innovation”.


How A/B Testing at LinkedIn, Wealthfront and eBay Made Me a Better Manager

As a company grows, there’s a tendency to broadly apply the Type 1 decision-making process to every choice, including Type 2 decisions. To paraphrase Bezos, what results is a slowness and an unthoughtful risk aversion that leads to a failure to experiment and diminished invention. If Type 2 decision-making is applied indiscriminately, he argues that most companies will go extinct before they get large, having used a lightweight process for irreversible choices.

Risk Aversion Dominates Markets as Stocks and Gold Tumble and the Japanese Yen Rebounds