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A normal test is when the patient can hear the tuning fork easier when held 1 cm from the EAC rather than when placed on the bone


RE-WARM (Really Easy WAys to Remember Medicine): Weber's and Rinne's test


Rinne test | definition of Rinne test by Medical dictionary


rinne and weber test

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Evaluation of Hearing Loss -“Weber and Rinne Tests” (Very good explanation) #ear…

Cranial Nerve VIII (3 of 3): Rinne Test - YouTube


R-An example of a lab/test performed in class. [Rinne Test] The purpose of the Rinne test is to test conductive hearing loss in the ears. It is performed by placing a tuning fork in front of and behind the ear, testing air conduction and bone conduction. People with normal hearing will hear through air conduction twice as long as bone conduction.