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A normal test is when the patient can hear the tuning fork easier when held 1 cm from the EAC rather than when placed on the bone


Conductive vs. Sensorineural Hearing Loss... Rinne's Test = Tuning fork on the mastoid process... Rinne's test should have AC > BC with vibration still heard after movement around to the front... Weber's Test = tuning fork at the forehead with equal sounds heard bilaterally... Weber's will lateralize to the affected ear in Conductive and the unaffected ear in Sensorineural

RE-WARM (Really Easy WAys to Remember Medicine): Weber's and Rinne's test


Rinne Test A. Normal - AC > BC B. Conductive Loss - BC > AC C. Sensoneural Loss - AC > BC but both are decreased


Weber & Rinne Tests

Normal finding (- Weber): “No lateralization”-The sound should be the same in both ears. Description from I searched for this on