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Rickon Stark Theories

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Arya's Training With the Waif Alludes to Danger For Rickon Stark

Pin for Later: 7 Game of Thrones Theories That Simply Aren't True Arya's Training With the Waif Alludes to Danger For Rickon Stark

Benjen! Where are you? I thought he was Coldhands but I don't think so as much now :/


Rickon Stark.. Holy shit son. If this is who he turns out to be, I'll be a Rickon Stark fan for life.

from POPSUGAR Celebrity UK


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“Westeros believed him dead for years. The Stark name has all been wiped out, hasn’t it? Winterfell burned ages ago. Now the Stark boy is all anyone talks about, and everyone tells a different story. Some say they’ve seen him walkin’ in the woods, with that big black wolf o’ his at his side. Some say they’ve seen him on the Kingsroad in the dead of night, a hood over his head and a bow at his back. Some even say that he’s goin’ all the way back to Winterfell to reclaim the land as his own…

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