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This is absolutely Horrible. Our Criminal Republican Congress protected Michigans Republican governor Rick Snyder from being prosecuted for Poisoning Low Income Families. Rotten Republicans

PETITION · Rick Snyder: Urgent! Stop Wolf Hunting in MI · The Wolf hunt in Michigan may be on again even though the voters rejected it twice in 2014 and the courts upheld this vote. Please sign this petition urging Gov. Rick Snyder to VETO SB 1187 which allows wolf hunting and trapping in MI.


S&G🦄 Rick Snyder

Michigan unemployment agency made 20,000 false fraud accusations – report

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder. A government agency in the state made wrongful accusations of fraud in tens of thousands of cases, a state review found.

Flint water crisis: Michigan governor's advisers warned months before disclosure

Feb 27, 2016 Flint water crisis: Michigan governor's advisers warned months before disclosure


Flint water crisis: emails reveal governor Snyder informed of problems a year ago

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder asked to resign after evidence that he knew about the public water poisoning the citizens of Flint. Snyder trucked in water for Government Officials for over a year while children, elderly & all residents were poisoned by lead drinking water. Residents ask that criminal charges be filed against Snyder & resignation of the Gov.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder faces recall petition amid Flint water crisis

Detroit pastor leads effort that aims to gather at least 790,000 signatures within 60 days: ‘I haven’t seen this kind of momentum in a long time’

Michigan's drug-testing welfare program has yielded zero positive results so far

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder – who signed the legislation to launch the program in December 2014 – declined to comment about its progress.