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The soap-operish antics of two families: the Campbells and the Tates. Stars: Rod Roddy, Katherine Helmond, Richard Mulligan, Billy Crystal, etc. OK, so not a film but a tv series. The original and best 'soap' ever, wish they showed it again on tv


Soap Loved this series, with its slapstick type humour and quirky characters. Robert Guillaime as Benson, was a brilliant foil for all the other family members, and deserved the success, and follow on series named simply Benson


Diana Rigg starred in 'Diana' a US Sit-com 1973 .... which to her bemusement becomes the site of many unannounced visits by her brother’s numerous girlfriends. Each episode finds Diana trying to adjust to American life with help from her next door neighbor Holly Green (Carole Androsky), copywriter Howard Tollbrook (Richard B. Shull), window decorator Marshall Tyler (Robert Moore) and new pal Jeff Harmon (Richard Mulligan), while dealing with her boss Norman Brodnik.

Kristy McNichol, David Leisure, Richard Mulligan, Park Overall & Dinah Manoff in Empty Nest (1988-95, NBC)


Richard Mulligan -- (11/13/1932-9/26/2000). Television/Film/Voice Actor. He portrayed Burt Campbell in "Soap", Dr. Harry Weston in "Empty Nest" & "The Golden Girls". Movies -- "S.O.B." as Felix Farmer, "Meatballs Part II" as Coach Giddy, "Doin' Time" as Mongo Mitchell, "Teachers" as Herbert Gower and "Jealousy" as Merrill Forsyth. He died of Colorectal Cancer in his home at age 67.