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Skeleton found in car park is that of Richard III – as it happened

Richard III's skeleton, found under a Leicester car park, deconstructed | 2013


The Life and Death of King Richard III, based on the play by William Shakespeare.


Benedict Cumberbatch looks dapper at Richard III's re-burial at Leicester Cathedral

It comes after scientists said they believe the Oscar-nominated actor is a distant relation of the late king

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Anything Cumberbatch on

THE HOLLOW CROWN (BBC) ~ Promotional photo of Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III.


The portrait of Richard III commissioned by a descendant of William Sheldon who fought at Bosworth for King Richard III and is buried in St Leonard's Church, Beoley, Worcestershire.


Rougemont Castle, also known as Exeter Castle, is the historic castle of the city of Exeter, Devon, England

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Richard III came back to haunt me! How the discovery of Richard III's skeleton spooked Aneurin Barnard, the man playing him in The White Queen

Aneurin Barnard plays the young Richard in the BBC's epic Wars Of The Roses drama The White Queen - and then the nightmares began


Elizabeth Woodville: Marriage to Edward IV.And then she met Edward. The story goes that Elizabeth heard he was in the neighborhood near her castle at Grafton, so she waited for him beneath a tree now known in Northamptonshire as “the queen’s oak,” with her two sons. When he arrived she begged him to restore their lands and he was love-struck. Of course, Edward, the playboy that he was, did not actually want to marry Elizabeth and she did not want to settle for anything less. Playing hard…


Richard III, King of England, 1483 to 1485. This is the earliest surviving portrait of Richard, dated to around 1520, and possibly copied from a now lost origina. Richard III remains the most likely suspect responsible for the murder of the Princes in the Tower, but there are those who disagree on his guilt. Richard wasn't king for long and was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485.