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Rice Crop

2016-09-10 RICE PADDIES RAISE METHANE THREAT. Traditional growing of rice in flooded fields is bad for the staple crop’s quality and produces vast amounts of methane greenhouse gas.

Autumn has finally arrived, bringing to us its bountiful crops of all sorts. Squashes and pumpkins are at their best now. Last week a friend asked me if I had a Persian vegetarian rice dish with pumpkins she could make for Halloween. I thought I could make up a recipe for her she can serve as a main for her vegetarian guests that will also double as a delicious stuffing for her turkey! But wherever I looked I couldn’t find a single pumpkin. Halloween is only a few weeks from now.Where is all…


Yunnan, China's rice fields are a popular destination with photographers due to the vast areas of nearby mountains which have been cultivated into terraced rice paddies for at least the past 1300 years by the Hani people. The terraced areas of interest to visitors are mainly found between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level. The winter temperatures, although never freezing, are such that they support only one rice crop a year.