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Lots of fun word family ideas for kindergarteners. I LOVE how this teacher lets the kids do everything on their own so that each end product looks completely different!


Children learn to write their name practicing letters on whiteboards then on circles, glue and make caterpillar name. Send home a name card with the children for them to practice at home. Encourage children to find their names around the room.


Do you love Children? Why not volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and make a difference? Sight Word Game for kids


Remember to do this this year, put words with kids' speech sounds on milk caps and then place a prize (i.e.: M) under a couple of the words. Kids say the word that is on the milk cap they want to lift up. - For vowel contexts to facilitate success?


Rhyming Words with Dr. Seuss

This Dr. Seuss rhyming and word-building activity encourages kids to explore the alphabet, letter sounds, and blends and is accessible to kids with vision or kids who are blind.