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Rhyme And Reason

Hat Works: Rhymes and Reasons, May 18. Most nursery rhymes originated during a time of political unrest, are steeped in history and have a much darker meaning than you ever imagined when you heard them as a child. After this event you may never recite a nursery rhyme in the same way again! We invite you to take part in a quiz with a difference. Can you identify the rhyme from the objects we provide?18+, 7:30-9:30pm

Weight Loss program: here s the exact reason you should never Diet like a man... fat burning monster! Inspired from for men and women weight loss programs to melt away your stubborn fat 1 pounds a day and get lean and tone muscle.

VOE Lady Scribblings by Melissa - The Garden - Sometimes silly things send my mind into a flurry of rhyme with no reason. Sometimes the result is fit for the garbage; but every now and then a jewel is born...

1 The best thing I ever did. I had found the holy grail of weight loss - The 3 Week Diet. I called up Brian (the creator of the diet) and thanked him personally. He was glad to hear my success story and asked for me to email him some before and after photos so he could put them on the site.

Check out lang leav’s tumblr. I just discovered her poetry tonight on my dashboard, and it’s mind-pausing. so much meaning in so little lines that I think we can relate at sometime or another. Another book on the summer read list. I’m not much a poetry person but reading her stuff has me reaching for pen and paper to rhyme and reason and revisit of a few of the greats Dickinson, Poe and Plath and some of the Romantics langleav: Love Misadventure by Lang Leav

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