The plume from this candle flame goes from laminar to turbulent. The Reynolds number can be used to predict where this transition will take place.

Even at low Reynolds number, active bacteria can create periodic patterns when swimming in the viscoelastic liquid crystal. Video courtesy S. Zhou, A. Sokolov, O. Lavrentovich and I. Aranson.

Sir George Gabriel Stokes, - (13 August 1819 – 1 February 1903), was a mathematician, physicist, politician and theologian. Born in Ireland, Stokes spent all of his career at University of Cambridge, where he served as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics from 1849 until his death in 1903. Stokes made seminal contributions to fluid dynamics (including the Navier–Stokes equations), optics, and mathematical physics.

Evolution of a smoke trail behind a red cylinder (seen in cross-section, so it looks like a circle). At very rapid speeds (high Reynolds number), vortices break off turbulently, as seen here. This is a computer simulation done for my PhD thesis. - particle_person

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Aerodynamics: Airfoil Camber, Flaps, Slots-Slats & Drag: "Smoke Lifts" circa 1938 NACA Langley - YouTube

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At slightly higher Reynolds number each tooth is trailed by a vortex street, all of which eventually mingle further down stream.

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