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Class Reward Coupons

Classroom coupon reward system with 40 different coupon rewards for classroom management by Proud to be Primary. Save tons of money and create a great incentive for children to behave and earn coupons!

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Growth Mindset Coupons / Badges

Growth Mindset Coupons/BadgesI use these badges with my students to praise them when they display a growth mindset. I give each student a page of the badges and I have them observe their classmates. Then I have designated badge times where Ill give the opportunity for them to give out badges (if you let them give them out whenever they want it becomes a distraction).

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UK Couponing - Holly Smith's Extreme Couponing and Money Saving Blog – A mum on a mission to save money with coupons

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Sleep Reward Chart- Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart - Sleep Chart for Children. Perfect bedtime routine. Star Chart for Bedtime

@Jenn L Milsaps L Garrett - we can draw on of these and get cute stickers. It helps get them through the bed time process and rewards them in the morning when they complete the job of staying in bed all night

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The power of cute: How looking at pictures of baby animals can help improve your concentration levels

Feeling good: 'Kawaii' or cute things not only make us happier, but also improve our behavior

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Rewards for Good Behavior (Free Printable

These free printable coupons can be given to your children as rewards for good behavior. It's a great way to have silly fun while rewarding your children.

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Printable Kid Coupons

Printable kid coupons to use as stocking stuffers, rewards or small gifts for your kids. Easy, inexpensive gift idea for children.

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Printable Reward Coupons for Kids

Use these free printable reward coupons for kids to positively reinforce good behavior. Your kids will love them and they don't cost you a dime!

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Reward Jar Coupons

Reward Jar Coupons, when you want to recognize your kids for a job well done, for doing more than expected, or for just being themselves. You can use all of the coupons, or only the ones you think they’ll like best. Just print them, cut them out, put them in a jar, and let your kids reach in to choose their coupon.

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